These steel profiles (C and I section) are designed to be used in conjunction with Combined Roller Bearings. Together they can be used to make a wide range of heavy duty linear motion systems. Applications can be horizontal, vertical, cantilevered or telescopic.

The standard channels can be used with standard bearings or eccentric / shim adjustable bearings. The precision channels must only be used with the precision bearings for applications where the clearance between the bearings and rails must be tighter. The Jumbo rails (C section or I section) and Jumbo bearings are for ultra heavy load applications.

Read our technical information on Combined Roller Bearings. The size of bearing should be selected using Hertzian Pressure.
Some products are available with a corrosion resistant coating for use in the offshore, food & pharmaceutical industries.

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Standard channel (rail) for combined roller bearings
Precision rails for precision combined roller bearings
C section Jumbo Rail for combi bearings
I section Jumbo Rail for combi bearings
combined roller bearings index