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What is a Combined Roller Bearing?

A combined roller bearing is one assembly combining three components:
1. Radial Bearing - rolls on the flanges of profiled steel channel
2. Axial Bearing (side roller) - rolls on web of profiles steel channel
3. Stub Axle - holds both bearings and provides an easy welding point

combined roller bearings & mating steel profiles

Click the above drawing to enlarge. It shows combined roller bearings sitting in C section channels with the radial bearings rolling on the flange of the channel. The axial rollers are in contact with the web of the channel. The weldable steel hubs are facing away from the channel and are shown with a mounting plate.

The advantages of using this product are:
- Large loads can be carried both horizontally and vertically
- The combination of radial and axial bearings ensure smooth running
- Minimal fabrication & machining required.
- Available from stock enabling projects to be completed quickly
- Replacement of both radial & axial rollers is easy hence reduced downtime

Calculate which size you need using Hertzian Pressure.

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