Euro-Bearings Ltd stocks a wide range of rubber-metal anti-vibration mounts for industrial use. These anti vibration mounts can be used to reduce vibration from engines, generators, pumps, A/C units and agricultural & industrial machinery. They can also be used to isolate instruments from vibrations.
The range includes: machine mounts, cone mounts, megi bushes, sandwich bars, marine mounts and a variety of bobbins & buffers.

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male male anti vibration bobbin
female female AV bobbin
male female AV bobbin
male waisted AV bobbin
female bump stop AV mount
male bump stop AV mount
male conical bump stop
male male stainless AV mount
female female stainless AV mount
stainless captive marine mount
AV megi disc mounts
AV bush
anti vibration machine mount
AV cone mount
AV annular mount
mini machine mounts
vibration isolation hanging mount
anti vibration sandwich bar
megi flanged bar
loading bay bump stop
PS cast vibration mount
PC anti vibration mount
FVM vibration mount
AS vibration mount
CCF machine mount