Euro-Vee Bearings are interchangeable with other V-bearing systems. When used in conjunction with the Vee rails and bushings, the system is suitable for harsh environments with high speed capabilities, medium accuracy & low noise.

The rails can be configured in various ways to suit a variety of applications. Vee bearings and bushes are now available from stock in stainless steel. Select a component below or scroll down for more information about suitable applications. Read our blog about how to use Vee bearings.

If you need help to select the best product for your application, please contact our Technical Sales team.

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Euro Vee Bearings
Bushes for fixing Vee bearings
Vee rails with 90º angle
Material data for vee bearings
Stainless Steel Euro Vee Bearings
Stainless steel bushes for vee bearings
corrosion resistant linear slides
Corrosion resistant vee rails