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This page is a summary of the products that can be used in conjunction with the 4.061 standard combined roller bearing (107.7mm OD), including standard mounting plates, mating steel channels and flange clamps.

Originally used in fork trucks, combined roller bearings can be used in a variety of vertical & horizontal linear motion applications.
Not sure what to specify? Calculate which size you need using Hertzian Pressure.

Read our technical information on Combined Roller Bearings or view our application examples.

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Catalogue Data Sheet

combined roller bearings mounting plate rails

combined roller bearing 4.054

Part Number D T d H h B A S r Profile Plate 3D Cad
Data Sheet C C0 Ca C0a
4.061 107.7 71 60 69 55 31 4 34 5 2862 PL4 3D cad Combined Bearing data sheet 81 95 31 36

All dimensions are in mm and loads are in kN.

Static (C0) and Dynamic (C) Load Capacities for radial and axial rollers. If used with mating steel profile, the limiting load is the Hertzian Pressure.


Weight: 36.0kg/m
Material: S450 J2
Moment of Area (Wx): 190.1cm3

2862 is a hot rolled section made from S450J2 steel. The corresponding standard combined roller bearing is 4.061.
Other suitable bearings include 4.461, 2.2107 & 4.0784.

2862 hot rolled steel channel

CAD Files: Download the 2D dwg file and 3D step file.


Standard rectangular mounting plate for 4.061 combined roller bearings. Thickness 20mm.

PL4 mounting plate



flanged mounting clamp


flange clamp for fixing combined roller bearing profiled rails


flange clamp for mounting combined roller bearing rail

Clamp Profile H B L S J E G t a1 b1 d1 d2 d3 e1 M Weight
CF4 2862 201.5 80 160 15 159.0 44.4 71.2 19.4 130 60 6 13 18


M12x35 5.05

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