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Using Euro-Vee Bearings – a typical application

Woodworking machines such as spindle moulders, saw benches and routing machines often need a slide table to carry timber through the blade or cutter in such a manner that the timber is held very secure and the slideway is robust and precise.

A customer of ours recently constructed an excellent tenoning table for his routing machine. The machine has a 3hp router running at 8000 to 18000 rpm and is used in his semi-professional capacity as a cabinet maker.

He constructed this table using 2 pcs of T4 rail, 4 pcs EV-W4X bearings, 2 pcs B4 and 2 pcs B4X studs.

The studs and bearings were attached to a piece of 15 mm thick aluminium to create the sliding carriage. Then attaching the 2 pieces of T4 rails to a straight and parallel piece of steel he created a sturdy slide way. The rail drills easily and cap head screws hold the rails securely.

The whole was attached to the routing machine bed and set up parallel and flat using a depth indicator gauge and shims.

Clamps (to hold the timber work pieces) were added.

vee bearings on tenon machine
vee bearing carriage


Tenoning is the creation of a tongue of wood that sockets accurately into a mortise, thus creating a mortise and tenon joint which is inordinately strong.

- The timber to be tenoned is measured and marked and then clamped under the clamps on the tenoning table. Only the first off needs to be measured and marked.
- The router cutter is installed and set to the correct height and protrusion and the router spindle started.
- The table is hand pushed past the router cutter and the timber is machined and checked for correct dimensions and finish.

Repeat work, already cut to length, can then be machined without any additional measuring.

Our customer is very pleased with the Vee bearings and rails and is considering making a similar table for other machines in his workshop. He has told us that the total cost of thisrobust and accurate sliding table is less than the cost of the “proper” accessory sold by the machine manufacturer, the design of which he considered to be flawed.

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tenoning machine from vee bearings
linear woodworking machine with vee bearings