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vee bearings

Euro-Bearings Ltd now stocks Euro-Vee Bearings which are interchangeable with other V-bearing systems. When used in conjunction with the vee rails and bushings, the system provides a system suitable for harsh environments with high speed capabilities, medium accuracy & low noise.

Suitable applications include:

Machine Tool Doors
Vending Machines
Carpet & Textile Machinery
Laboratory Automation
Packaging Machinery

** Read APPLICATION example - making a tenoning machine with vee bearings **

Alternatively the bearings (or wheels) can run on top of a round shaft or inside a 90 degree angle (see diagrams below) utilising their dual v shape (VV). This versatility enables the bearings to be used in a wide variety of applications with varying degrees of precision depending on the guide rails used.

Alternative rails include:

- hardened & ground shafting

- bright angle

- flat ground stock

v bearing systemvee bearingsvee bearing system


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